We Build Differently

1-790ighvharsrpv9lgywmngIdentities are strange things. You don’t get to choose them any more than you get to choose your hair colour or the place where you’re from.You are born with an identity whether you like it or not, and it’s how we shape our identities that makes a difference. What we do with our natural abilities comes down to timing, luck, drive and a lot of hard work.

Companies are no different. They don’t get to choose their early identity more than anyone else. It comes down to the people on the team and the types of personalities and skills they bring to the table.

A seasoned company wears its identity battle scars proud, having scraped, shed and bled for them every day, good and bad, until it’s ready to step out and own its identity.

Green Brick Labs carved out its identity as one of Canada’s most innovative development and design agencies. We are proud to build things differently, not because we choose to, but because we know no other way. Our people make up our identity and they they come from all stripes and backgrounds. From amazing front end developers to uniquely talented UX engineers, full stack programmers, web designers, marketing specialists and customer service reps., we don’t bring people into the fold who aren’t like us.

Our work confirms our identity by proving to our partners that the people at Green Brick take pride in innovation and are inspired by the ecosystem afforded to us in Kitchener-Waterloo. Our partners ask us to build ultra secure systems with fresh technology like blockchain, or they ask us to tell a design story using intuitive UX and interactive assets.

We know who we are today because pushed through success and failure to take a risk to build things differently, but we don’t ever want to sit still and pretend like we’ve earned a zenith position or a special accomplishment by simply being who we are. We take risks because those risks enable us to grow, to earn more scars and to do the best work we can do quite simply because we know no other way.